Did you know that you can get a mortgage that covers the cost of purchase and renovation?


Help You Find What You Like and Make it What You Love

Locate a home that you like and I help you make it one you love. I guide my buyers through identifying and buying the home that meets their critical needs. Then I guide you through the process to renovate to end up with the home that best matches your goals. This process includes helping making the decision to renovate, consulting on finishes (the options make this step the most daunting), and provide assistance through the loan process to complete the renovation.



Maximizing Your Home’s Value

Our renovation assessment will determine the extent of renovations that should be done (Value Add) to maximize the PROFIT with the least amount of effort for the seller.  Our full suite service provides a turn-key solution for my clients including project scope and selections, contractor selection and management, budget management with weekly status reports. Why should the investors make all the profits?  



Not What You See but, What Could Be

My clients are clients for LIFE! Even after you've lived in your home for years and just want to be in love with your home but don't know what to do-Call me!  I provide consultative services to reveal what is trending in the market, help establish a budget based on your financial goals, renovation valuation and market indicators.  Finally, we align you with the recommended contractor that best suits your project scope and budget.  

NO ADDITIONAL Fees!  I provide ALL this as part of my value proposition to my clients.

or Give Me a Call at 703-785-8762- It’s painless, I promise.