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I am a native Virginian and 3rd generation Realtor that began my Real Estate Career over a decade ago.   I am also a proud resident of Old Town Alexandria and am fully immersed in the community. I have held a position on Board of Directors with the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce since 2011 - 2017 and Co-chaired and served on the Ambassador Committee. I am also a Pre-License Education Instructor.

During my tenure as a Realtor, I have seen the market in ebbs and flows.  I have experienced several methodologies for building a real estate business.   My mission is to enrich the lives of others through homeownership by simplifying the buy/sell process, providing solutions that support my clients' lifestyle and financial goals. I strive to complete every client’s transaction as if they were a family member. 

I know that buying or selling real estate is a process that requires the right resources to help you make informed decisions toward a successful real estate transaction. These resources include, the ability to identify the appropriate homes, negotiate the best terms, advise on all pertinent real estate information and understand the entire process.  Along with this I oversee that all parties complete their tasks in the timeline defined and help you transition into your new home.  I am here to provide you with what you need to complete your home sale or purchase with ease.  My clients are viewed as my family and I am dedicated to providing continued support to ensure my clients continue to have their housing needs met years after each transition. 

"In a chaotic world I have a Sharp focus. I am able to see the details of a situation and go after it with a concentrated approach.  I am respected for my goals and for this focus. I am competitive too.  I see to it that I am always improving and so is everyone else around me. "

When I'm Not Selling Real Estate, I enjoy getting outdoors with my dog named Zeppelin as often as I can. On my weekend getaways, I enjoy hiking, camping and bike-packing with my friends.

Check Out One of My Favorite Bike-Packing Websites

Check Out One of My Favorite Bike-Packing Websites