"For months we've been trying to figure out what renovations to do to prepare our home for sale and trying to get contractors to even show up. After hiring you as our Realtor, within 2 weeks you defined the projects, made the selections, obtained the quotes and scheduled the contractors. "We went from completely stalled to warp speed!!!"

-Kim, Leesburg Va

I started using Christine Sennott to assist with our marketing efforts through real estate agents and brokers. I have not only found Christine extremely helpful, energetic and reliable, but I have also seen an increase in referral sources by real estate agents and brokers, which in turn has increased our occupancy. I would be happy to answer any questions on behalf of my experience with Christine as it has been nothing but exceptional.
— Ronda Kunsman Property Manager-Post Part Apartment Homes
A close friend recommended Christine when I started house hunting. I couldn’t have been happier with their recommendation. Christine is an expert in her field and doesn’t waste clients’ time with frivilous showings. Christine also believes in forming lifelong friendships with her clients and treats her clients like family. Since I closed on my house in October 2011, I have recommended five friends to Christine and they, too, were thrilled with her level of service.
— Barbara McDaniel, Project Manager
I want to take a moment and let you know just how much I appreciate the effort you made in helping me locate the PERFECT place here in Alexandria. I’d only known your a day or two - before you were calling with a place you thought “i just had to see”! You were like a good friend already, going out of your way and even turned around (as you were heading out of town) to show me the place that had just become available. And you were right. It’s perfect for me - as you instinctively knew it would be. And now that I’ve relocated you’ve been kind enough to include me into the fold introducing me to all the right people, places and things to do. You’ve helped ease my fears of integrating into a new town! Thank you. And all of this... is a service you provide freely! I can only imagine the service you provide your Real Estate clients. They are the lucky one’s I’m sure - and I look forward to the day that I can use you in that capacity!
— Lane JaBaay, Founder/CEO-Healthy Heroes Alliance